9 Craigslist Casual Encounters That’ll Allow You To Get “WTF”

We all know precisely what the “everyday Encounters” part on Craigslist requires – well, we believe we know. Among the propositions for hookups include genuinely terrible, unusual and crazy. These informal experiences are just unexplainable.

There’s absolutely no doubt cyberspace houses some wackos, however these nine are definitely the wackiest.

1. Kid Daddy

Baby Daddy

Finding-out she hooked up with a few guy on Craigslist and had gotten pregnant appears more likely to eliminate her partner.

2. Waffle Home

Waffle House

More fascinating part is actually the guy wants make sure you are perhaps not the weirdo (and believes numerous females will answer).

3. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

This seems instead “dangerous.” It is likely a “bad” concept to meet up using this “complete stranger (in Moscow).”

4. Hall & Oates

Hall & Oates

In case you’ve actually envisioned this precise circumstance, do it. Or else, this guy could be the “interstate into the Danger Zone.”

5. Marinara Sauce

Marinara Sauce

It should be far better conserve the marinara for your spaghetti and give a wide berth to getting in this guy’s hot tub without exceptions.

6. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Simply state di-NO to the request. Some blockbusters must be left with the big screen, and this refers to definitely one of those.

7. Starbucks Java

Starbucks Coffee

It is not how to get your coffee each day – it’s better so that this guy resolve his personal oral delight.

8. $one million

$1 Million

The only real assurance this guy comes with may be the feeling of pity and financial reduction that would follow this undertaking.

9. Guy Hunt

Man Hunt

If you don’t want to finish such as the automatic washer and toothbrush, I’d stay away from this lady.

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